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Determination of the Earth Gravity Field Components in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea with Satellite Altimetry Data


(1) Islamic Azad University,Tehran,South unit, South Nabard St.Faculty of Engineering, 1616936344 Teheran, Iran
(2) K.N.TOOSI UNIVERSITY, Geodesy and Geomatic Dept., Valiasr St., 1616936344, Iran
(3) Research Institute of National Cartography Center , MERAJ AVE.AZADI SQ. N.C.C, 13185-1684, Iran


Satellite altimetry provides continuous, accurate, and homogenous data series in marine areas .The Sea Surface Heights (SSH) extracted from altimetry data was used in a method searching for the least squares of the sea surface topography to simultaneously determine the geoidal height and the sea surface topography as well in the Persian Gulf and the Oman sea. This is contrary to the methods which require the knowledge of one parameter to estimate the other. The North and East components of the deflections of vertical were also estimated by differentiating the derived geoidal heights in the corresponding directions, and finally the free-air gravity anomalies were computed utilizing the inverse Vening-Meinesz integral.


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