Grassland Degradation and Recovery Based on Remote Sensing and GIS in Inner-Monggulia

Zhang Wei(1)

(1) China Agricultural University, No.17, Qinghua East Raod,, Beijing 100083, China


Inner-Monggulia, used to be the fertiled field, are facing the grassland degradation in the past decades. It leads the less production and makes impact on the environment of North China, even the east Asia. The survey and management based on remotly sensed data, ALOS PRISM, Landsat ETM, EOS-MODIS, and GIS help to make the right decision and reasonable methods to recover the grassland and make the development sustainable. In the study, the NDVI and EVI are used, and the data from the sample areas based on the high resolution remote sensing imagery help to establish the surveying modol. The truth data of the grass, collected from the field work, could be compared with NDVI which is from the remote sensing data, the productivities of grassland could be received at the same time’s in the vast areas.



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