Building database as background of Wildland Fire with spatio-temporal GIS

Toshihisa Honma(1) and Keiji Kimura(1)

(1) Hokkaido University, N14W9, Kita-ku, 060-0814 Sapporo, Japan


The purpose of this study is grasping the latest vegetation and landuse situation from the data sensed by ALOS, and making new database of background for simulation or forecast of Wildland Fire. The data of latest vegetation and landuse in which are superimposed on the data of latest and advanced land cover classification map, latest altitude (from SRTM image data), features and stream lines, and aspect data and slope data from analyzing altitude. Using this database, detailed situations of land surface will become clear, and then this is very important on simulation or forecast of Wildland Fire. The research area is in the middle southern district (2°S to 3°30’S, 113°12’E to 115°E) of Kalimantan, Indonesia, because there are many data accumulation of the Wildland Fire forecast in "Sentinel Asia Project" and field surveys are conducted. As a result we can contribute to the research project. In this study, major roads data, stream line data and ground features data are updated with the latest information and a new database of background for researches of Wildland Fire are constructed by classification of land cover situation in study area. In addition, it is enabled scheduled updating and accumulation and constructing temporal-spatial GIS by using ALOS data and it will be applied to researches of Wildland Fire in the area changing on a large scale. From this approach, it is clarified the present conditions and the actual situation of forest fire or peat fire in this area, and apply these results to simulation of Wildland Fire.


Symposium presentation


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