Digital Elevation Estimation of Seminatural Forests Using Polarimetric Interferometric SAR Data

Parivash Lumsdon(1), Bryan Mercer(1) and Qiaoping Zhang(1)

(1) Intermap Technologies Corp., # 1200, 555 - 4th Ave., S.W. Calgary, AB T2P 3E7, Canada


The purpose of our work is to examine the practicability of using Polarimetric Interferometric SAR (PolInSAR) techniques on ALOS PALSAR data to extract forest canopy heights, and ‘Bald earth’ ground elevation height. We will focus our work on European semi-natural forest stands of GlenAffric[1]. The PolInSAR RVoG model (Random Volume over Ground) proposed in [2] and elaborated in [3], permits a separation of ground and canopy scattering components of the interferometric phase. Through model inversion, the canopy height can be derived [4]. We will examine of our findings of Alos data against that of E-SAR L-Band Airborne data of the test site acquired through ‘SHAC’ project[5]. In this work we primarily focus our research on the extraction of DEM underneath canopy and the estimation of tree height and other forest parameters. The principal research site is chosen to be GlenAffric, Scotland This will overlap the area covered in the SHAC airborne campaign. We use the ground measurements taken during the SHAC campaign and Intermaps X-Band Star3i data[5] for validation and verification of our results.

References [1] Lumsdon, P.; Cloude, S.R.; Wright G., 2005, Polarimetric classification of land cover for Glen Affric radar project IEE Proceedings Radar,Sonar& navigation Volume: 152 Issue: 6 Date: 9 Dec. 2005Page(s):404- 412 [2] R. N. Treuhaft and P. R. Siqueira, 2000, Vertical structure of vegetated land surfaces from interferometric and polarimetric data, Radio Science, vol. 35, pp. 141–177, 2000. [3] Papathanassoiu, K. P. and S. K. Cloude. 2001. Single-Baseline Polarimetric SAR Interferometry, IEEE trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 39, pp. 2352-2363. [4] Cloude S. R., Papathanassiou K. P., 2003,Three-stage inversion process for polarimetric SAR interferometry, IEE Proc. Radar Sonar Navig. Vol. 150, pp. 125~134, June 2003. [5] Bullock, M.E.; Lawrence, G.; Dams, R.V.; Tennant, K. 1997, Map generation utilizing IFSARE imagery and digital elevationmodels from the Intermap STAR-3i system Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 1997. IGARSS apos;97. Remote Sensing - A Scientific Vision for Sustainable Development., 1997 IEEE International Volume 3, Issue , 3-8 Aug 1997 Page(s):1350 - 1357 vol.3


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