Construction of database of land cover mapping in Kii peninsula, Japan

Kanako Muramatsu(1)

(1) Nara Women's Univ., Kita-Uoya-Nishi-Machi, Nara, 630-8506, Japan


We would like to make a database for study of a material cycle in ecosystem in Kii peninsula to know the effects of human activity on the cycle. Kii peninsula has variety of land cover, such as town, suburb, forested area. It is the reason we selected Kii peninsula as a test site for modeling. One example of research in Kii peninsula is the relationship among energy consumption, CO2 exhaust and absorption. We have studied land cover mapping and estimated global net primary production of vegetation using ADEOS-II/GLI data with the " Universal Pattern Decomposition method", it is developed for multi-spectral satellite data.  GLI's  spatial resolution is too wide for studying local area.  We have a plan to use ALOS/AVNIR-2 for local area study and making verification data for next project of GCOM-C .  In this symposium, we will show the results of applying the method to make land cover mapping for identifying vegetation species.



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