Application and evaluation of ALOS PALSAR data for monitoring of mining induced surface deformations using interferometric techniques

Diana Walter(1), Urs Wegmüller(2), Volker Spreckels(3) and Wolfgang Busch(1)

(1) TU Clausthal, Erzstrasse 18, D-38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany
(2) GAMMA Remote Sensing Research and Consulting AG, Worbstr. 225, CH-3073 Gümligen, Switzerland
(3) RAG AG, Deutsche Steinkohle, Shamrockring 1, D-44623 Herne, Germany


The main objective of the projects “Determination of ground motions in mining areas by interferometric analyses of ALOS data” (ALOS ADEN 3576, ESA) and “Monitoring of mining induced surface deformation” (ALOS-RA-094, JAXA) is to evaluate PALSAR data for surface deformation monitoring, using interferometric techniques. We present monitoring results of surface subsidence at an active colliery in Germany. Underground mining activities lead to ground movements at the surface with maximum subsidence rates of about 10cm per month in the test site. In these projects the L-band sensor clearly demonstrates the good potential for deformation monitoring in active mining areas, especially in rural areas. In comparison to C-band sensors we clearly observe advantages in resolving the high deformation gradients present in this area and we achieve a more complete spatial coverage than at C-band. Extensive validation data based on terrestrial and GPS measurements are available within a GIS based database and therefore enable an adequate analysis of the quality of the interferometric results. Previous analyses confirm the good accuracy of PALSAR data for deformation monitoring in mining areas. Furthermore, we present results of special investigations as precision geocoding of PALSAR data and corner reflector analysis. At present only DINSAR results are obtained due to the availability and number of current PALSAR scenes. In future we will also conduct Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) using longer series of PALSAR data over this mining area as an element of the deformation monitoring at this test site.



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