Monitoring of Landscape Changes Due to Petroleum Fields Exploitation, Construction of Oil Pipelines and Oil Terminal in the Northern Part of the Timan-Pechorian Petroleum Province Using Multitemporal ALOS and LANDSAT Data

Irina Smirnova(1) and Alexandra Rusanova(1)

(1) VNIIKAM, Birzhevoy proezd, 6, St.-Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation


The objective of this research is monitoring of landscape changes which has occurred as a result of petroleum fields exploitation, construction of oil pipelines and oil terminal in northern part of the Timan-Pechorian petroleum province (North-West of Russia) using multitemporal satellite data: ALOS AVNIR 2 and PRIZM (July of 2007), and LANDSAT (08.03.1988 and 07.21.2000). Processing and comparison of the data were realized on the basis of GIS software (ERDAS Imagine, Map Info). It includes image-to-image rectification, interactive interpretation of satellite images with compilation of vector layers, processing of satellite images for change detection; creation of spectral profiles using different bands and other methods. The visual interactive comparison of 17 satellite images acquired by ALOS AVNIR 2 with LANDSAT 7 ETM data has shown, that in the period from 2000 to 2007 the investigated area has undergone to intensive industrial development. The arrangement of several petroleum fields for industrial petroleum production is carried out, new wells are drilled, and the new roads and oil pipelines are constructed. Several test sites were chosen for change detection in automatic mode. The most significant changes of a landscape are revealed in the Varandey test site, where the oil terminal and coastal reservoirs for oil are constructed. Besides mechanical disturbance of a surface connected to these constructions and also to drilling of wells, the building of roads and other industrial objects, strong pollution of several lakes and rivers are detected. The study of the spectral characteristics of the polluted and clear lakes on different bands of the ALOS AVNIR 2 data has allowed revealing pollution of a various degree and types. The comparison them with the spectral characteristics received for the same lakes using LANDSAT data has allowed carrying out an approximate quantitative estimation of the suspended sediments concentration. The changes of Barents Sea coastal line for period from 1988 to 2007 and influence of construction for coast protection near Varandey were estimated. The study of landscape along new oil pipeline laid from Khilchuou oil field to Varandei terminal using ALOS AVNIR 2 and PRIZM data has allowed delineating places of maximal ecological risks in case of oil spills as well as the sites where the strengthening of intensity of dangerous exogenous processes (landslides, wind erosion, thermo-karst, thermo-erosion and other cryogenic processes) can occur. Also the study of cryogenic processes development connected to global warming is continued. The results of research will be a basis for further monitoring of landscape changes of this territory using ALOS data. Keywords: ALOS AVNIR 2, PRIZM, LANDSAT, landscape changes, petroleum fields, oil pipelines, oil terminal, pollution of lakes and rivers.


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