ERS SAR and ALOS PALSAR observations of Appennini mountains in South Italy

Paola Ballatore(1)

(1) MARSec, Via Perlingieri, 1, c/o Villa dei Papi, 82100 Benevento, Italy


The ERS-SAR interferograms for areas of the South Italy Appennini mountains have been processed by InSAR-ICA technique and surface deformations have been derived. Specifically, detailed results have been obtained for year 1995 by using ERS-1 and ERS-2 TANDEM interferograms for the frame n. 819, track n. 358 (with dates July 13 - 14, October 26 - 27, December 31 - November 1) and for the frame n. 2781, track n. 265 (with dates June 2 - 3, July 7 - 8, August 11 - 12, October 20 - 21, November 24 - 25, December 29 - 30). Some of the areas included in these observations correspond to areas of some ALOS PALSAR available scenes, which have been analyzed and compared with ERS results. In particular, the ALOS PALSAR data considered are in polarimetry mode, for the frames n. 810, 820 and 830 from the orbits n. 6576 and 7247, with acquisition dates April 19th 2007 and June 4th 2007. The comparison between results obtained for the same VV polarization in ERS and PALSAR is interpreted not only in terms of time distance between 1995 and 2007, but also considering the different frequency of the radar sounding signals, in C-band for ERS and L-band for PALSAR. In particular, ERS C-band surface deformations previously observed in permanent vegetated areas and attributed to possible plants and trees growing have been reconsidered in PALSAR L-band observations. From their comparison with non-vegetated areas, the usefulness and the applications of L-band data are enhanced for the specific mountainous region under study. Moreover, further information derived from all the four simultaneous PALSAR polarizations is illustrated, with specific attention to the value of the ratio VH/VV, expected to be significantly different on vegetated areas. Conclusions are derived about the evolution of the surface deformation activity between 1995 and 2007, with focus on the natural risk change for some crucial areas of Appennini mountains around the cities of Benevento and Avellino.



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