ALOS INSAR for Permafrost Monitoring Applications

Brian Brisco(1,1), Naomi Short(1), Paul Budkewitsch(1) and Kevin Murnaghan(1)

(1) CCRS, 588 Booth St, Ottawa, K1A 0Y7, Canada


Climate change is having a serious impact on the status of permafrost throughout Canada’s northern regions causing increased risk to infrastructure and dramatic changes in surface hydrology. SAR data can be used to monitor changes in surface hydrology operationally but the use of this data for permafrost applications is still being developed. This paper explores the use of interferometric approaches using ALOS PALSAR data for monitoring permafrost status and change in Canada's north. The work includes evaluation of coherence as a function of time and location and the use of interferograms for surface deformation. The evaluation of polarimetric analyses and multi-frequency comparisons (RADARSAT-1/2 and TerraSAR-X) are also included in this research project and will be included in the presentation. Locations in both the Yukon (Old Crow Flats, Kluane National Park, Herschel Island YK) and Nunavut (Ellesmere Island, NU) with well established sites for monitoring permafrost provide the test locations. Both historical earth observation data and field surveys are available to aid in the interpretation and analyses. In addition the project has used some ALOS data for glaciological applications and some results from this work will be included in the presentation.


Symposium presentation


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