Coastal Zone Mapping Using PALSAR and AVNIR-2 Data

Soo Chin Liew(1)

(1) National University of Singapore, CRISP, Singapore 119260, Singapore


This project aims to study the potential applications of PALSAR and AVNIR-2 data in mapping and monitoring the coastal zone environment. Specifically, three aspects of coastal zone remote sensing will be presented: land cover classification, delineating land-sea interface and bathymetry extraction. The sigma0 values are derived from PALSAR data. Several land cover types common in the coastal zone, such as the mangroves, mud flats, built-up areas and non-mangrove vegetation could be discriminated using the sigma0 values of different polarizations. HH polarization was found to exhibit the highest contrast for delineating land-sea interface. An algorithms for retrieving water depth and bottom albedo of shallow coastal sea water using AVNIR-2 data with ocean color techniques has been developed. The technique was applied in mapping coral reefs and water quality in the coastal zone.



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