Investigation on the Ancient Site Location in the Mesopotamian Region Based on ALOS Data

Ken Matsumoto(1), Hitoshi Hasegawa(2), Hisao Ushiki(3) and Tomoya Goto(4)

(1) Kokushikan Univ., 1-1-1, Hirohakama, Machida-shi, 195-8550, Japan
(2) Kokushikan Univ., 4-28-1, Setagaya Setagaya-ku, 154-8515, Japan
(3) USHIKI Consultant, JICA Jordan Office, P.O.Box 926355 Amman, 11190, Jordan
(4) Graduate Student, Kokushikan Univ., 4-28-1, Setagaya Setagaya-ku, 154-8515, Japan


This project aims to investigate the location of ancient Mesopotamian sites in Iraq and to create a distribution map using ALOS data.

Iraq is a centre of the ancient Mesopotamian civilization. A distribution map is essential to conduct a prompt investigation and preservation of ancient sites and cultural heritage in Iraq which are at risk of looting and robbery due to the recent Iraqi condition.

Firstly this project enables to create Satellite Image Map of Iraq, where the acquisition of detailed map is not possible, based on ALOS Data. The ancient site of Mesopotamia is called “TELL” which is swelled up from the alluvial plain and forms like a hill with the bare land on the surface. Secondly, the estimation of locating ancient site has been undertaken by using the Satellite Image Classification method. Finally the locations of the ancient sites and the Satellite Image map are layered to produce the Distribution Map.


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