ADEN ALOS PALSAR Product Verification

Peter Meadows(1), Patrica Wright(1), Gordon Mack(2) and Nuno Miranda(3)

(1) BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre, West Hanningfield Road, Chelmsford, CM2 9RE, United Kingdom
(2) VEGA Group PLC, 2 Falcon Way, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1TW, United Kingdom
(3) ESA/ESRIN, Via Galileo Galilei, 00044 Frascati, Italy


Within the ALOS Data European Node (ADEN) the verification of PALSAR products is an important and continuing activity, to ensure data utility for the users.

The types of activities performed using PALSAR data include the monitoring of a selection of product header parameters such as the Doppler centroid frequency; product visual inspection; impulse response function analysis (for spatial resolution measurement, for example) using suitable point targets such as ground receiving stations; noise equivalent radar cross-section measurement using low radar cross-section regions; radiometric resolution and equivalent number of looks assessment; elevation antenna pattern monitoring using the African rainforest; azimuth and range ambiguities; dual and quad polarisation calibration assessment including channel coherence, balance and SNR, cross-talk analysis and Faraday rotation analysis.

Many of these activities are reported in the ALOS PALSAR Cyclic report prepared by the ALOS Quality Control SAR team and available via the ESA/ESRIN Product Control Service website ( The paper will give a summary of the verification activities performed by the QC team, the status of the ADEN PALSAR processor and the current quality issues that are important for users of ADEN PALSAR data.


Symposium presentation


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