Integrated use of multi-mode and multi-angle SAR data for land cover identification in tropics

Andreas Langner(1), Mikiyasu Nakayama(1), Jukka Ilmari Miettinen(2) and Soo Chin Liew(2)

(1) The University of Tokyo, Department of International Studies, 5-1-5, Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, 277-8563, Japan
(2) National University of Singapore, Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing, Lower Kent Ridge Road, 119260, Singapore


C- and L-band SAR backscatter data have predominantly been used for land-cover identification. Adding coherence data improved the accuracy. However, coherence data are not readily available due to technical constraints but the integrated use of multi-band backscatter data from different satellites is readily feasible. According to previous studies, the application of multi-polarimetry and multi-squint-angle data on L-band may result in identical accuracies as the combination of backscatter and coherence data on C-band. Further improvements may be achieved by adding coherence data to the combination of multi-polarimetry and multi-squint-angle data and we expect that a combination of all data may yield to the same order of accuracy as with optical sensors. In our study we want to use ALOS PALSAR L-band data in different polarizations and incident angles to analyze their information content in comparison to coherence data. Using these datasets we want to examine to what extent coherence and/or backscatter data with multi-polarimetry or multi-squint angles can improve the accuracy in land-cover identification in the tropics. Our study area is situated in Central-Sumatra because of its fast land cover changes and wide variety of tropical land-cover types. Thus the capabilities of the different sensor-mode combinations can be scrutinized. Applying Maximum-Likelihood, all data combinations will be classified using the same training areas derived by high resolution SPOT 5 imagery. The accuracies of all classifications will be analyzed to evaluate the best performing data combination.


Symposium presentation


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