Multi-Sensor based Service for Crop Monitoring at National Scale in Africa

Francesco Holecz(1), Massimo Barbieri(1), Alessio Cantone(1), Paolo Pasquali(1) and Stefano Monaco(1)

(1) sarmap, Cascine di Barico, 6989 Purasca, Switzerland


Existing Food Security Information Systems within Africa currently use Earth Observation to evaluate the overall vegetation conditions and estimate water availability to crops through rainfall estimates among others. However, many institutes face limitations in their capacity of integrating new/improved technologies in their day-to-day operations. GMFS aims at contributing to improved food security in the African continent by providing advanced EO based information to these Systems at the national level.

The goal of the activities proposed in this project are in the innovation of the Earth Observation part in existing Early Warning Systems, by providing - country-wide - detailed crop map products in Africa based on the synergy of high resolution SAR (ENVISAT ASAR, ALOS PALSAR) and optical data (Landsat TM, SPOT-4). Results clearly highlight that the synergetic use of multi-source EO data acquired in a multi-temporal way allows, besides the generation of an accurate crop map product, the provision of a land cover map including the main cover classes and the generation of detailed digital elevation model data (10 metres).



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