Observations of glacier dynamics with PALSAR DATA

Tazio Strozzi(1), Urs Wegmüller(1) and Charles Werner(1)

(1) Gamma Remote Sensing, Worbstrasse 225, 3073 Gümligen, Switzerland


Use of ALOS PALSAR FBS data for the estimation of the motion of glaciers with offset tracking resulted in remarkably good outcomes in many regions around the world. We will present examples from ESA DUE project GLOBGLACIER (PALSAR data courtesy of ESA-IPY-4086), including considerations about the influence and filter of ionospheric effects in the azimuth offset fields and of topography in the range offset fields. For a more global use of ALOS PALSAR data in glacier dynamics the acquisition of a more consistent set of image pairs separated by a full orbital cycle of 46 days is however required over glacier-covered regions, in particular in the Arctic.


Symposium presentation


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