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Dr Clive Rodgers
Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics
Clarendon Laboratory
Parks Road, Oxford, UK

Tel: +44-1865-272905
Email: c.rodgers (at)

Main research interests include radiative transfer, molecular spectroscopy, the application of estimation theory to the inverse problem of radiative transfer, and the application of satellite data to stratospheric and mesospheric dynamics and chemistry.

Involved in the conceptual design, data interpretation and scientific use of measurements of atmospheric temperature and composition from the Selective Chopper Radiometers on the Nimbus 4 and 5 satellites, the Pressure Modulator Radiometer on Nimbus 6 and the Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder on Nimbus 7, all of which were produced by Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics at Oxford.

Co-Investigator for the Improved  Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder  flown on the NASA UARS Satellite in 1991,  with specific responsibilty for the data reduction algorithms, data processing and validation.  Co-Investigator for both the High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (Oxford and NCAR) and the Tropospheric Emission Sounder (JPL), which have been operational on the Aura satellite of the Earth Observing System since 2004. Also a Co-Investigator with the NERC Data Assimilation Research Centre, to provide an interface between satellite data and assimilation systems.

Activities in education

University of Oxford, Department of Physics, University Lecturer, 1967-2001.

University of Oxford, Jesus College, Senior Research Fellow, 1970-2006.

Teaching atmospheric physics, optics, electronics and computing at undergraduate level, and Inverse Methods for Remote Sounding at research level.

Distinctions / Membership

L. F. Richardson prize of the Royal Meteorological Society, 1967. Awarded for Quart.  J. R. Met. Soc., 93, p43-54, 1967.

Rank Prize for Opto-electronics, 1989, for the invention and development of the Pressure Modulator Radiometer, jointly with J.T. Houghton, F.W. Taylor and G.D. Peskett.

Member of the Royal Meteorological Society

NASA Group Achievement Awards UARS (2006) Aura (2005)

GSFC Group Achievement Award Aura (2005)

Selected Publications

Rodgers, C. D. and C. D. Walshaw, The computation of infra-red cooling rate in planetary in planetary atmospheres, Quart. J. R. Met. Soc., 92, p67-92, 1966.

Rodgers, C. D., Remote sounding of the atmospheric temperature profile in the presence of cloud, Quart. J. R. Met. Soc., 96, p654-666, 1970.

Rodgers, C. D., Retrieval of Atmospheric Temperature and Composition From Remote Measurements of Thermal Radiation, Rev. Geophys. and Space Phys., 14, p609-624, 1976.

Houghton, J. T., F. W. Taylor and C. D. Rodgers, Remote Sounding of Atmospheres Cambridge University Press, 1984.

Rodgers, C. D., The Characterization and Error Analysis of Profiles Retrieved from Remote Sounding Measurements,  J. Geophys. Res., 95, p5587-5595, 1990

Marks, C. J. and C. D. Rodgers, A Retrieval Method for Atmospheric Composition from Limb Emission Measurements, J. Geophys. Res. 98, p14,939-14,953, 1993.

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Migliorini, S., Piccolo, C., Rodgers, C. D., (2008) Use of the information content of satellite measurements in an efficient interface to data assimilation, Mon. Wea. Rev.,  (In Press)