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Privatdozent Dr Hendrik Elbern
Head, Data assimilation research group, Rhenish Institute of Environmental Research at the University of Cologne
Aachener Strasse 209
D-50931, Köln, Germany

Tel: +49 221 400 2220
Fax: +49 221 400 2320
Email: he (at)

Main research areas include data assimilation and inverse problems in atmospheric chemistry and meteorology with a focus on four-dimensional variational techniques and novel non-Gaussian error dependent methods.

Target areas for chemistry assimilation include the stratosphere (globally) and the troposphere (continental domain) with both gas phase and aerosol phase chemistry.

Assimilated data include in situ and remote sensing data in the realm of atmospheric chemistry.

Meteorological data assimilation activities include assimilation of radar data for quantitative precipitation forecasts with special attention to prevailing non-Gaussian error characteristics, and soil data assimilation.

New activities include the development of algorithms for targeted chemical observations, and also data assimilation of both atmospheric dynamical and chemical variables on planet Mars.

Previous activities include parallel computing with dynamical load balancing and numerical solution of atmospheric transport- diffusions- reaction equations, and dynamics of stratospheric-tropospheric exchange processes. 

Activities in education

Lectures on :
- Data assimilation and inverse modeling;
- Theoretical meteorology;
- Climate modeling;
- Paleoclimatology;
- Scientific computing for meteorologists and geophysicists.

Supervision of PhD theses and Diploma/Master theses: permanent acivity: presently 5 internal PhD students and 1 external PhD student under supervision as principal supervisor.
Students are members of my data assimilation research group.

Envisat Data Assimilation summer school, ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Rome, (Italy) 18-29 August 2003

Distinctions / Membership Ongoing review activities for the German Science foundation (DFG) and other national science foundations (including US NSF CMG competition (collaboration between mathematical sciences and geosciences) and Focused Research Group (FRG) activity.

Member of the German Meteorological Society.
Member of AGU.

Regular reviewer of JGR.
Selected Publications Lawrence, M.G., O. Hov, M. Beekman, J. Brandt, H. Elbern, H. Eskes, H. Feichter, and M. Takigawa, The Chemical Weather, Environmental Chemistry, 2, 1--3, doi:10.1071/EN05014, 2005.

Ebel, A., T. Davitashvili, H. Elbern, D. Gordeziani, H.J. Jakobs, M. Memmesheimer, and I. Tavkhelidze;Numerical modelling of air pollution on regional and local scales, Appl. Math. Inform. and Mech.,  9, 1-14, 2004.

M. G. Lawrence, P. J. Rasch, R. von Kuhlmann, J. Williams, H. Fischer, M. de Reus, J. Lelieveld, P. J. Crutzen, M. Schultz, P. Stier, H. Huntrieser, J. Heland, A. Stohl, C. Forster, H. Elbern, H. Jakobs, and R. R. Dickerson  Global chemical weather forecasts for field campaign planning: predictions and observations of large-scale features during MINOS, CONTRACE, and INDOEX Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) MS-NR: acp02si04-01

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