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ERS SAR Tropical  »  Atmospheric Phenomena  »  Atmospheric Gravity Waves  >  Introduction

Atmospheric Gravity Waves

Atmospheric gravity waves, often also called internal waves, exist in layered atmospheres. They either occur as quasi-periodic waves, solitary waves or undular bores. They are often generated behind mountain ranges in which case they are called lee waves. In the steady state lee waves are stationary with respect to the terrain feature, but they are propagating relative to the mean air flow above the earth surface. Lee waves are very common in visible remote sensing imagery where they manifest themselves as wave-like cloud patterns.

However, they also can manifest themselves on the sea surface since they are associated with varying wind speed at the sea surface and thus a varying short-scale sea surface roughness.

Fig.: A linear gravity wave propagating from left to right in a three-layer atmosphere. (left) Assumed height profile of potential temperature for a stably stratified three-layer atmosphere. (middle) isolines of potential temperature (dotted lines), streamlines (dashed lines), and direction of the wind velocity fluctuations at the sea surface (arrows at the bottom). (right) Amplitudes of the wind speed fluctuations in the direction of the wave propagation and in the vertical direction as a function of height.
(Reproduced from Alpers and Stilke, 1996)


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ERS SAR Tropical  »  Atmospheric Phenomena  »  Atmospheric Gravity Waves  >  Introduction

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