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Welcome to the SAFE Website!

The SAFE format has been designed to act as a standard format for archiving and conveying data within the European Space Agency (ESA) Earth Observation archiving facilities and, potentially, with the cooperating agencies. As such, SAFE benefits from the experience gathered during the several developments of currently operational archiving standards. SAFE intends to cope with the major constraints required for the packaging and long term preservation of Earth Observation data.

SAFE has been designed to be used in an archive system compliant with the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) standard. Therefore, the OAIS reference model has been taken into account in its design, to provide features to facilitate the archive compliance with OAIS and at the same time to ensure that this compliance is not hampered by the SAFE format. The term "archive" is used throughout this website to refer to a given OAIS-compliant system containing the several types of SAFE package. It is important to note that certain aspects of SAFE and in particular its contribution to the OAIS-compliance of the containing system have to be considered in the context of such an archive, i.e. in some aspects SAFE cannot be completely detached from the containing archive and, in this sense, it is more than a simple file format.

One of the SAFE features clearly originating from the OAIS Reference Model is the essential use of the XFDU packaging format. XFDU is a CCSDS standard that provides a set of predefined metadata categories and classifications that are fully compliant with the OAIS reference model. The departure from the XFDU packaging standard has been minimised, considering that the goal of XFDU is to provide a standard format for archiving and conveying scientific data.

In SAFE 2.x, The metadata model defined by the OGC Earth Observation Metadata Profile of Observations & Measurements (OGC EOP O&M) has been adopted as the reference metadata profile in SAFE to describe specific missions' EO Products. This metadata profile allows for a better exploitation of the SAFE format in any interoperability framework using standardisation.

Note: The old SAFE website (SAFE version 1.3) is available here.


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