EOLi    “ESA’s Link to Earth Observation”


EOLi (Earth Observation Link) is the European Space Agency's client for Earth Observation Catalogue and Ordering Services.

Using EOLi, you can browse the metadata and preview images of Earth Observation data acquired by the satellites ENVISAT, ERS, Landsat, IKONOS, DMC, ALOS, SPOT, Kompsat, Proba, IRS, SCISAT.

Scientific Users with a registered account can order or download products of various processing levels.


For any question on using EOLi, on the catalogue and ordering service, on registration, or any other EO related information, please contact our Help Desk:

EO Helpdesk

For comments and suggestions on the EOLi Client: olivier.barois@esa.int



  1. NASA’s WorldWind

  2. EOLI Developer’s Web Site & Discussion Forum (by VEGA Technologies SAS)

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EOLI-SA procedure for data ordering


See how EOLi is linked to various Earth Observation resources.



EOLi is a java application which is supported on all major platforms: Windows (95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP), Linux, MacOS X and other Unix systems. Java SE Runtime Environment 1.5 or later is required.