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EOLI-SA has two operational modes:

Use local collection for better performance in the query. Browse and details will be accessed from the server.

To connect to the Server, launch EOLI-SA (see Section 3.2, “First time using EOLI-SA?” ). The application automatically tries to connect to a server at start up. If it succeeds, EOLI-SA switches to the on-line mode. In case an internet connection is not available, or the server can not be reached, EOLI-SA remains in off-line mode. The application will keep trying to connect to the server. When it finally succeeds to connect, it will switch to the on-line mode.

Some of the services may be protected and granted to registered users only. This is typically the case for ordering services. When trying to access a protected service, a user login dialog pops up so that you may enter your credentials.

To connect as a Registered user, type your Username and Password and click on Login ( Figure 5.1, “How to connect as a Registered User” ). See Appendix B, ESA data policy for information on how to obtain a login and password.

Alternately, you can select App >> Login As from the Menu Bar to bring up the login dialog.

EOLI-SA is now connected to the server at ESA/ESRIN and the on-line collections are automatically loaded into the Collection Tree in Catalogue.

You can configure EOLI-SA to remember you username and password and to automatically authenticate at each startup. See Chapter 13, Setting Preferences .

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